Bernice Neuman - Fine Artist
Watercolor - Pastels - Acrylic
Whiting, NJ 08759

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Bernice Neuman - ArtistBernice Neuman is a native of New York City where she studied fashion design and oil painting. She worked in the fashion field and foreign film product until she moved to the Princeton, New Jersey area. It was there that she began teaching painting at the college level while raising a family of three children, Scott, Tracy and Alex.

Resuming her art studies, she developed a unique style that invoked a new depth and quality to her work. Bernice worked in acrylic medium's before moving to oil and watercolor canvas work. She has evolved a spontaneous style of watercolor painting which she still explores to this day.

In 1981, Bernice and her husband, Irving left New Jersey for Matthew's County, Virginia. This area of Virginia offers many different environments from shore line to mountains within a short days drive. By moving to this area, Bernice found Matthew's offering an uncrowded natural beauty in which to mediate, fellowship in the arts and also grow their own food off the land.

In 2001, Bernice moved to Whiting NJ. By being closer to the NY, NJ and Philadelphia art community, Bernice has returned to her Jersey roots. Bernice has been invited to enter many major art competitions and shows in both the Ocean and Monmouth areas. Once recent show was at the Monmouth Museum.

Bernice is currently active in the large local art community and teaches art classes all year. Bernice is available for private lessons, portraits, and interviews by appointment only.

Current Work for sale or exhibition.
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